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The following, in no particular order, are the Founder's Favorites for April 2017. The following pieces are of high quality in a variety of mediums created by a variety of artists. All were created or posted on dA in April 2017 and were submitted to the group before I started my search. This time around, 13 pieces were chosen. Although many artists have multiple contenders - in my view - one 1 piece was chosen per artist.

Monday Musings - 20170403 by wraith11
Creator: wraith11 (Digital Painting; Manga) (April 2)

The Watch by BoldCat
Creator: BoldCat (Digital Painting) (April 2)

Updating designs - SMG. by cruorvolt
Creator: cruorvolt (Digital Drawing; Technical) (April 10)

Defender of the Tribe by SirTiefling
Creator: SirTiefling (Digital Painting) (April 11)

Capt Miller - Saving Private Ryan by timcatherall
Creator: timcatherall (Digital Painting) (April 1)

Youri Gagarin by klimbims
Creator: klimbims (Photomanipulation; Recoloration) (April 7)

English Electric LIghtning F.1A by DouglasCastleman
Creator: DouglasCastleman (Graphite Drawing) (April 28)

Preble's Boys - USS Constitution by markkarvon
Creator: markkarvon (Digital Painting) (April 10)

Scourge of War: Wavre by Mitchellnolte
Creator: Mitchellnolte (Digital Painting) (April 26)

Angry Mil by Ralph1989
Creator: Ralph1989 (Graphite Drawing) (April 25)

Lancer by OliSalzmann
Creator: OliSalzmann (Graphite Drawing) (April 1)

Fire and Steel by derbz
Creator: derbz (Digital Painting) (April 28)

MD MH-6 little bird by Pollitoconpapas01
Creator: Pollitoconpapas01 (Digital Painting) (April 9)

In the future, if you have a favorite new piece of artwork that gets submitted to the group (that's not yours) and you'd like it to be featured in one of these blog entries, please let me know!

I highly encourage that if you haven't already, follow the artists that I have featured in this post! As implied by me featuring them, they are all very talented and deserve the attention.
More Journal Entries

Pass Not Unseen

Warfighting's motto is Pass not Unseen. A phrase borrowed from the № 41 Wing of the Royal Australian Air Force, it exemplifies our commitment to ensuring that skilled artists receive the attention that they deserve.

Through our work, we hope to pay homage to the wars of the past, those who fought them, and the engineering that went into the implements warfighters bore. We want to appreciate the vision of our artists who work in this domain and push the boundaries of their respective mediums.

We are selective with what work makes it into the galleries. We hope that one day Warfighting will have a reputation as a repository for the best DeviantArt has to offer in the way of military art.

  • Warfighting accepts digital and traditional drawings and paintings (including the "Shipbucket" style pixel art), photographs, 3D renderings, and physical art (clay work, wood work, etc.).
  • Warfighting does not accept screenshots from games, work-in-progress pieces, drawings on graph paper, plagiarized work, or work that is not your own. If you post work that is not your own without the original creator's permission, it will not be accepted to the group. If this becomes recurring behavior, you will be blocked from the group.
  • Warfighting is about quality over quantity. If an artist does a bulk submission and every piece is excellent, they're good to go. However, more scrutiny will be placed on bulk submissions to ensure that we are not being flooded by low quality work.
  • Please no living planes artwork. However, we do accept art including non-furry animals in the main galleries and furries in the Sci-Fi/Fantasy Gallery.
  • Please submit to the right gallery and do not submit to featured. Any era of warfare is allowed, but please submit your work to the appropriate gallery. If you work is especially impressive, an admin will consider featuring it. As a general rule, painting, drawings (not including pixel art), and photographs will be preferred to be featured.

Gallery Folders

French Zouave 1870-1871 campaign outfit by ManuLaCanette
ww1 german sturmtruppen - 1918 by AndreaSilva60
IA-58 Pucara by Pollitoconpapas01
Battle of Mars La Tour (august 16 1870) by ManuLaCanette
Armor and Autos
IJA, Type 95 Ha-Go light tank by sandu61
Type 5 Chi-Ri IJA medium tank by sandu61
F-4U Corsair by KiloCharlieKilo
MIG-17 Flyby by KiloCharlieKilo
Ferocious Frankie by guddi292
From Above by mabre-pl
airship down by peterpulp
Destruction of airship 'City of Ferrara' off Pola by RD-DD1843
Personal Weapons and Equipment
Weapon design and development by BoldCat
Springfield M3 Assault Rifle by DickardNixon
Sten Clone by DickardNixon
Sir Hiram Percy Maxim, inventor of machine gun. by RD-DD1843
HMS Fylgia - Swedish Armoured Cruiser WIP by Frederik-Works
The sunken Russian battleship 'Petropavlost' by RD-DD1843
Loss of the Petropavlost in 1904. by RD-DD1843
April 13, 1904  The Petropavlovsk explodes. by RD-DD1843
Marshall Georgi Zhukov by RD-DD1843
Field Marshall, Earl Montgomery of Alemain. by RD-DD1843
Postcard of Otto Von Bismarck, 'Iron Chancellor'. by RD-DD1843
Gustavus Adolphus by dorianclock
Landscapes and Architecture
The Carentan counterattack - 1944 by EduardoLeon
The Kursk Cemetery - 1943 by EduardoLeon
The Temple by Nacho3
Apocalypse by Nacho3
Politics and Maps
Nicholas II and Alexandra Feodorovna, ca. 1899 by klimbims
Ho Chi Minh, 1965 by klimbims
Che Guevara by klimbims
Sci-Fi and Fantasy
Totino Guards Doing Stuff by Another-Eurasian
Solar Union Europa Class Cruisers by Another-Eurasian
El Paso Class Cruisers by Another-Eurasian
Warships of the First Space War by Another-Eurasian
Original Designs
AMP Goggles Front by BoldCat
CAROLUS REX (White) by dorianclock
(ALT) American 90 mm GunMotorCarriage, T100 by TinkerTanker44432
(ALT) German KurzerPanzer Two Medium Tank by TinkerTanker44432









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